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Art and Technology - A new Unity

Bauhaus Book

Another 100-year Bauhaus anniversary book? Yes and no! Not just any book. But one for which the world between two book covers has become too narrow. The new experience rooms open up. A book that bridges the gap between the real and the virtual world. Borders ignored and dimensions burst. That is alive and changing. That grows: imaginative. Creative. Surprising. Unexpected. Exciting.

Bauhaus Movement - The Book honours projects and works by selected, top-class international artists who set new accents in the fields of artwork, typography and design.

If Walter Gropius were to found his Bauhaus movement today - in 2019 - it would certainly not only be painters, photographers, typographers, architects, theatre and film makers, urban planners and product designers he would bring to his side. While 100 years ago it was art and artists who changed the world with their ideas, today it is increasingly science and technology. The buzzwords today are digitalisation, mixed reality and artificial intelligence.

Bauhaus Movement became the most influential school of ideas for architecture, art and design worldwide.

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Art Technology Unity

Selected artists who took part in the "Adobe Hidden Treasures Bauhaus" and their works belong to the stage in Bauhaus Movement - The Book.


Playroom of creativity and inspiration. Innovation and vision.


The Book honors works by selected and international artists.


Most influential educational institution in architecture, art and design.

Media library

The "living work" - digital connection to the Bauhaus media library.

Image Recognition

Smartphone camera detects physical object.

Mixed Reality

The virtual worlds of AR and VR open up a completely new experience.

Rethinking World

New technologies inspire to impart knowledge about the historical Bauhaus movement and current Bauhaus projects with new methods.

With "The Book" you can browse for works by international artists and experience projects in mixed reality. Enjoy design and feel. At the same time, however, you can also enter new spaces of experience. Access supplementary information or moving images. In keeping with the Bauhaus idea of combining past achievements with new technical possibilities.

What makes The Book so unique? It's alive. It changes. It grows. There will be worldwide. You all have the chance to hold something special in your hands. But only in limited editions.

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Learn how the Bauhaus influenced design history with its emphasis on theory and practice as taught by the masters.

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Designer Artist

Selected artists who took part in the "Adobe Hidden Treasures Bauhaus" and their works belong to the stage in Bauhaus Movement - The Book.

Interview Portrait

Through the digital connection to the Bauhaus media library, the book becomes a "living work". The contents are continuously developed independently of the book.

Partner Support

New ideas need space to unfold. And strong partners. So that they can grow and develop. So that they can learn to fly and conquer the world. Strong partnerships create creative synergies and thus new opportunities.

Bauhaus supporter all over the world. Those who are interested in the legacy of the historical Bauhaus as well as in the possibilities of modern technologies. Students, designers, artists or companies.

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